College Residencies and Clinics

The North Coast Winds are prepared to adapt to the needs of colleges, universities, and schools of music. To help you decide how best we can benefit your students and school, please consider one of our standard programs, such as:

One Day Workshop and Concert � NCW will spend the day presenting to music appreciation, music history, and/or other music focused classes, focusing on the Art of Chamber Music and the history and repertoire of the woodwind quintet. We will offer a preview of the concert program that we will present in the evening in your performance space. Pre-concert lecture also available.

Two Day Mini-Residency � NCW will present to your music appreciation, music history and/or other music focused classes as described above, plus cover other topics such as music business and the demands on the modern musician. We can also offer a masterclass for any chamber groups from the school or on our individual instruments. If your school has a composition department, we can read student compositions for our instruments or ensemble and offer feedback. We can also present a concert preview in various settings and then end the mini-residency with a concert in your performance space.

Three Day Residency � NCW will participate in all of the activities listed above PLUS we can spend a day in your community working with K-12 or other community partners of your school�s choosing. We are happy to present to any organization with a concert preview and invitation to our residency-culminating concert.

In addition to our various offerings focused on chamber music, we can also be of service on our individual instruments, working with your students in individual or group settings, masterclasses, ensemble rehearsals, and other settings based on your needs!